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Programy edukacyjne

        Educational programs for children and youth, especially the series "Music of our neighbors" are inspired mostly travels around the world.

             This cycle, however, is preceded by the "Music Poles". First, our praise, then others that it was not like the saying "Other people's praise of the fence." But when we give already part of our culture, we can confidently move on a journey around the world and praise music world. In this way, we realize the fact of having immense cultural resources that ennoble us. To these resources developed skillfully use their >> << METHOD OF MUSIC JOURNEY. This theme recognizes rightly famous philosopher - Democritus of Abdera: "Man wise the whole earth is available, as the home of a noble soul is the whole world."  

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Projekty autorskie

         Composition have been dealing with for many years, I am particularly interested in the field of piano music, playing the trumpet and symphony. I try to be open to the sounds of the world, hence a lot of innovative solutions (strong accent put on the sound of electric guitars for modernization projects). Personally, I think criticism of tonality in music is an exaggeration, it is unwise to spoil what is good - all ages discover the music, but in my opinion, maintaining proper restraint can enjoy the twelve-tone technique, serialism, sonorism, aleatory or the like contemporary achievements in music. Speaking about them, they are'' hiding'' lack of talent in my opinion, inability to cope with a constantly changing world. Yes, everyone needs some rest in life like the song tonics but, besides it is still an adventure ... I greet both camps music theorists.

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         Knowledge of music therapy won at the Academy of Music. Bacewicz in Lodz. For many years the lead concerts of this nature. Particularly interested in issues related to the internal harmony of the song. Songs that are passed to the classics of music regardless of the genre have excellent composition (after all, the word classic is perfect). Recently I am pleased to score gigs in small famous Pump Room in Nałęczowie medicinal waters. The chemical composition of the water from these sources is excellent for your health. Drinking from the same source I saw an analogy with music - music is also after its composition, which is not without significance for the health ...

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